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Cookie explanation

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer when you visit a website. By placing these cookies, Landal GreenParks is able to provide you with better service today and in the future.
Landal GreenParks as well as other parties that we work with (such as Google Maps) may place cookies on your computer.
Landal GreenParks distinguishes different types of cookies:
•      Functional cookies
These are used to improve user convenience so that you don't have to repeat the same selection or log in again if you already did so.
•      Transaction cookies
These are used when you have made a booking so we can pay the commission of our partners, if applicable.
•      Monitoring/Analytics cookies
These are placed by ComScore, Google Analytics and Visual Website Optimizer. These allow Landal to anonymously categorise visitor behaviour and adapt our services to better serve you as a (prospective) guest.
Landal GreenParks fully complies with all GDPR legislation. Google Analytics and the Visual Website Optimizer (English) do not save any personal information and respect your privacy.
•      Marketing or targeting cookies
These cookies are placed to save your interests so you can receive promotions and offers on Landal GreenParks websites or elsewhere that match your likes/interests. Landal GreenParks is also able to no longer show automatic promotions if you have already purchased these or if you have already seen these several times. Without cookies you may be shown more irrelevant ads by us. But you may also come across Landal GreenParks ads without cookies!
What third parties place cookies via the Landal GreenParks websites?
Landal GreenParks works with third parties in the area of social media, visitor statistics, ads, employment services and streaming video that also place cookies. The following companies are Landal GreenParks partners for this purpose: Google (Plus, Maps, Analytics, Adwords), Yahoo Search Marketing, Comscore, TradeDoubler (Affiliates, Integral), Zanox, Quisma, PeopleXS, Hyves, AddThis, E-Village, Novasol, Isuu, Intermaps, FlowPlayer, Visual Website Optimizer, Katschi.at and Flumscherberg.ch.
Are cookies in your interest?
Cookies enable us to analyse online behaviour and target promotions that are relevant to you. It prevents you from repeatedly seeing the same promotion, especially if it doesn't meet your interest. We are continuously working on improving our online service, thanks to the data we derive from trends and visitor behaviour on our websites. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter profile? Then cookies will allow you to conveniently share your interests, without having to log in every time.
Landal strives to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Both at our parks and on our website. Cookies help to provide you with this experience on the website.
Can you remove cookies?
You can always remove the cookies on your computer via your browser. You can also decide if you want to accept cookies. In most web browsers cookies can be automatically accepted. You can also configure your browser to refuse cookies. We would like to note that disabling cookies may restrict your use of our website (and other websites).
You can disable the use of Google cookies via the Google opt out page for ads: http://www.google.nl/privacy_ads.html
If you no longer want advertisers to analyse your behaviour, please indicate this on the website of Your Online Choices. http://www.youronlinechoices.com/nl/
‘Landal GreenParks’ refers to Landal GreenParks Holding B.V. and its affiliated companies.
We and third parties use cookies to improve our website and to analyse the traffic on our website. By clicking on โ€˜agreeโ€™, you consent to the placement of all cookies as described in our cookie statement.
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