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Privacy statement
Personal data processing and protection
The order environment for the Online Parkshop has been set up by Landal GreenParks B.V. However, when you place an order via our Online Parkshop, you are actually placing an order from a retail store and/or vendor and/or food company at or near the park. This may also involve third parties that are not part of the Landal GreenParks organisation. The retail store and/or vendor and/or food company needs certain data to complete your order. Your personal data is also processed to complete your order, including pick-up or delivery of your order to your accommodation and the handling of any complaints. Here we also work with third parties that receive and further process the personal data. The park may consult with the retail store and/or vendor and/or food company and provide the right accommodation number so your order can be delivered to the right accommodation.
Below is a more detailed description of the data that may be processed and the purposes for which this is done:
What data do we use?
Given name and surname We need your name to link your order to your accommodation booking. We will also need your name if you order a snack and/or (takeout) meal. We will also use this information so we can address you personally in our communications with you.
Telephone number We may have to contact you about your order. We will call you if there are any questions.
Payment details To enable you to pay for your order, we use a secure payment environment. When you pay with iDeal your data is stored in our administration so we can link the payment to your order. We will only use your bank account information in case of a refund.
When you pay by credit card, we will send your credit card information from our secure payment environment directly to our credit card partner. They process our credit card payments. We do not have access to your credit card information. Our partner only informs us whether your payment has been successful.
E-mail address You will receive an email about your order, an invoice and an overview of the order you placed. We may also use this email address to ask you any questions about your order.
Age We do not sell any alcoholic beverages to anyone who is under the legal minimum drinking age. If you are buying alcoholic beverages we will check your age.
VAT number If you are placing a corporate order, we may record your VAT number and use it for invoicing purposes.
Contact, access, alteration or removal of data, and complaints

Upon request we will indicate if any of your personal data has been processed. Furthermore, under certain circumstances you can retrieve, improve, supplement, delete or protect your data, for example if it is factually incorrect. This may result in you no longer being able to use (a portion of) our services.
Because orders are placed with and fulfilled by the retail store and/or vendor and/or food company, you must contact the retail store and/or vendor and/or food company if you have any questions about the processing of your information for the purpose of your order. For further contact, please go to
https://breakfastsluftervallei.ccvshop.nl of the retailer and/or vendor where you placed your order.
For any general questions about the processing of your personal data by Landal GreenParks, go to 
If you should have a complaint about the processing of your personal data, you may also contact the relevant government authority (Dutch Data Protection Authority).
Retention periods
We will retain your personal data as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes described in this document. To comply with legislation we may be required to store your data for a longer period.  Your order and the associated personal data will be deleted within one month after the delivery of your order.
To comply with legislation we have to indicate what principles we use to process your personal data. For this we mainly look at processing data based on 1) an agreement, 2) a justified interest, 3) provided consent and 4) a legal obligation.

Your data will be mainly used by the retailer and/or vendor for your order and based on an agreement with you. Checking proof of ID and verification of legal age occurs as a result of a legal obligation, as alcohol cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Data protection
We protect the personal data we are processing by using comprehensive security procedures, among other things in order to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing this data. 

Landal GreenParks
'Landal GreenParks' include: Landal GreenParks Holding B.V. and its affiliated companies. We store your data within the European Economic Area ('EEA'). It may occur that certain data we collect is processed at a destination outside the EEA, for example because Landal GreenParks is part of the American company Platinum Equity. In that case your data may be used in audits by accountants or other consultants. Your data mays also be processed by organisations outside of the EEA that work for us or for one of our suppliers. All cases are subject to applicable legislation and appropriate measures must be taken.
Landal GreenParks reserves the right to modify the Privacy Notice at any time. We recommend regularly checking the Privacy Notice for updates.

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